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South Florida's Trusted Name in Premium Turf Solutions

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About South Florida Turf Solutions

South Florida Turf Solutions is the leading choice for top-tier artificial turf services in South Florida for both homes and businesses.


Our dedicated team is passionate about offering unparalleled solutions from consultation to installation. Committed to quality and affordability, our extensive product range, including turf rolls, infill, and installation materials, is crafted to endure South Florida's challenging climate.


We take pride in transforming residential and commercial spaces into stunning, low-maintenance havens, whether for pets, sports, children's play, or relaxation landscapes.


Dedicated to Quality Turf & Service

We prioritize exceptional customer service, guiding clients from product selection through to installation and maintenance.


Our environmentally-friendly products, sourced from reputable manufacturers, are tailored for South Florida's unique climate, ensuring durability and a perennially green appearance.


Beyond water conservation and reduced maintenance costs, our commitment shines through our competitively priced, high-quality offerings for both residential and commercial spaces. 

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SFTS Service Areas

SFTS Service Areas

South Florida Turf Solutions provides artificial turf product and installation services to the following counties:

  • Okeechobee County

  • Indian River County

  • St. Lucie County

  • Martin County

  • Palm Beach County

  • Broward County

  • Miami-Dade County

  • Brevard County

  • Glades County

  • Osceola County

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